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The Headline Hero gives you master class instruction in how to write winning headlines – that can increase your sales by as much as 1,600% This book shows you how, in clear step-by-step detail, how you will harness the power of headlines to force your sales through the roof. Whether you’re an internet marketer writing web content and sales letters, or an aspiring copywriter looking to get some expert tuition, this book is for you.

Learn why almost every copywriting book you’ve ever read (even the best ones) completely missed the point (page 6)

You already know about features and benefits, but what are super-benefits and why are they so important? (page 31)

‘It isn’t a motorcycle, it’s a Harley’. What that teaches us and how we can use it to our benefit. (page 33)

How to get your reader to focus on the better life that awaits them at the end of the next … advertisement. (page 52)

A quote from a US perfume billionaire which gets right to the heart of market positioning. (page 58)

How to dream up 100+ alternative headlines for your advertisement and why you should. (page 60)

And how to get computer software to do it for you, as long as you understand the pitfalls. (page 69)

Just read the book, apply the teachings to your headline writing and watch your results snowball. Keep it on your desk next to your dictionary or on your desktop, and refer to it every time you need to create a headline. If you feel you haven’t learned anything worthwhile, then I couldn’t in all honesty keep your money. Is that fair? And when you buy ‘The Headline Hero’ we will include, free of charge, two superb bonuses – just to say thank you for your business…

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