Super Sales Machine Empire – 20x Products Setup For You

If you’re looking for the all-in-one solution that gives you the ability to copy an email, send it out to your list and sell your own products with MINIMAL effort then read every word on this page.

No matter how difficult you think internet marketing is… we have the ULTIMATE solution that will have you making sales and collecting $10 and $17 payments to your PayPal account within a matter of days!

Choose a niche, find out what people want, build a list prospects, create a product solution, and sell it to your list. Easy right?

Well not quite. Yes it sounds good on paper but in the real world it ends up looking more like this…

Information overload was the main reason why YOU are not progressing any further. ‘Trying to do everything at once’ along with ‘not knowing where to start’ and ‘starting but not finishing’ along with ‘lacking skills’ and ‘lacking knowledge’ were also high on the list.

It’s clearly not about the information you already know, but putting it into practice and seeing it through to the end.

There has to be an easier way that allows you to skip the hard part and jump straight into the action to see results like this…

Imagine for one second your PayPal account looking like this. Imagine having people buying YOUR products from you EVERY DAY whenever you send out an email!

With the right products and setup in place this could easily be YOUR account. These results are easily replicable. This is what the Super Sales Machine Empire is all about.

Let me share with you 3 real-world case studies where I was able to pull in as much as $1,923.87 in sales within a matter of days just by selling cheap video tutorials!

What’s interesting to note is that this product was selected as ‘JVZoo Product Of The Day’ which brough in over 100 extra sales hands free!

Yes it is possible to make a comfortable living online BUT only once you’ve gained experience and overcome all the obstacles.

Imagine having a product that people actually want to buy installed and setup on your server with powerful seductive sales copy, beautiful eye-catching graphics, an auto-loading sales video that acts as your 24-hour sales man all working in unison to sell the pants of your product not to mention a shiny ‘buy now’ button that’s just waiting to collect ‘unrisky’ $10-$17 payments.

Now imagine everything working perfectly… your payment button redirecting customers to the ‘thank you’ page, every downloadable link working exactly how it should, banners promoting more offers through your affiliate link, exit-pops in place to convert even leaving visitors.

Now imagine having 3 ready-to-go swipe emails that have been professionally written, formatted in a way that’s pleasing to the eye, subject lines written to intrigue every subscriber to open your email, written in a way that informs your reader without looking like a spammer and ready to send out with your name and links already embedded!

Now times that by 20 and you’ve got a good indication of the sheer size of what’s being offered here for you.

Ever bought a product in the past and completely forgot about it and had no idea how to get it back? With your very own admin system you’ll have all your products located under one roof!

You’ll know exactly what’s installed, where they’re installed, what the download links are, what emails to send out, and in what order plus so much more!

There’s a total of just over 44 hours of essential training covering everything from using Aweber, GetResponse, email marketing, list building, copywriting, setting up reseller products, creating your own products plus so much more.

This your chance to skip one of the biggest hurdles you’ll ever face online and copy what already works for instant success!

This is so much more than just another ‘business-in-a-box’. Not only are you getting your hands on 20 instant businesses, but you’re also getting the luxury of having every single one setup for you from start to finish. No other ‘done for you’ service even comes close!

We personalize the system to match your details – this includes your name on the sales page of every product as well as your support email address on the footer of every page including the download pages of your products and an up-to-date disclaimer on the footer of every page matching your domain name.

We add our own profit-pulling javascript, CSS, and PHP code that we use ourselves to your system! This includes unblockable exit pop-ups that redirect to affiliate offers, disabling right-clicking, disabling mouse click and drag, protect files, dynamically loading pages, secure download links and more!

We embed your affiliate IDs into your thank-you pages for cross-sells – ‘thank you’ pages are prime locations for cross-selling which is where many beginners leave money on the table. With our help we’ll strategically place compelling offers that get your visitors and customers clicking and buying!

We create PayPal payment buttons – PayPal buttons are a chore and tedious to create but with our help we can set that up for you. We take your PayPal email address and create payment buttons for each product you’ll be selling. More payment buttons and more offers means more steams of income for you!

We embed and personalize our sales-crunching emails into your admin system with your name and sales page link all integrated. All you have to do is click the copy button and load it straight into your auto-responder for instant sales! No writing or editing required!

We upload the system to your server – All sites are carefully uploaded to your server whilst gigabtyes of products are hosted on our fast and reliable Amazon S3 servers. No matter how much traffic you send to the system, it’ll still be able to…