The Complete B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Toolkit – Digitally Rich

Congratulations on taking a major step towards launching your lead generation journey online. This toolkit will guide you on developing an all-encompassing digital marketing and social media plan of action using many tips, tricks, advice, and tools I have gleaned from my time as a digital marketing consultant.

The challenge for you is to take what you learn from this book and start researching your target audience plus assembling the necessary documents, which consumes time you simply may not have. For this reason, I have created these things for you – just as I would if I was consulting at your business in person.

So if you want to start your new digital marketing and social media strategy without delay, you can download ready-made spreadsheets, checklists, calendars, and more professional tools in…

19 Reasons Why The Complete B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Is The #1 Lead Generation Toolkit Of Choice For Smart B2B Marketers And Internet Entrepreneurs Around The World

Did you know an estimated 87% of B2B marketers apply their trade on social media and consider it to be the most effective tool of all types of content marketing? And that 80% of businesses plan on increasing the amount of resources allocated to social media in the future?

B2B Social Media: The Complete Guide to Developing a B2B Social Media Strategy (Plus a Case Study) – valued at $18.99 in paperback from Amazon – will teach you all the essential skills to not only rank amongst those 87% but position your brand alongside the best in your industry.

The worst thing you can do on social media is get started and then slowly let your profiles die with little updated content.

That’s why this book delivers straightforward guidance on how to enhance lead generation, customer acquisition, and client retention using social media in under an hour a day.

Heck, you may even be able to schedule a full month’s worth of click-worthy content in a single day. And I’ll show you how.

This eBook is split into four parts over twelve chapters and gives you downloadable tools to help boost your lead generation endeavours while saving time, money, and making sure you maintain a consistent presence on social media.

Part I through Part III examines why social media is important for B2B companies and investigates which popular social media platforms are most relevant and beneficial to you.

Along the way you’ll discover which social media management tools can streamline and simplify your ongoing social media content development after deciding on the type of content you’ll create.

An editorial calendar with a set of daily topics is your digital personal assistant that supports your ongoing engagement on social media and ensures every one of your profiles continues to uphold a consistent publishing schedule and brand voice.

My fully-editable editorial calendar will also help you discover the optimal days and times for future publishing to keep the time you spend scheduling social media content to an absolute minimum.

Your guiding light in consistent engagement, I’ve created an editable 7-Day Cheat Sheet Wall Chart for you to download and edit according to your brand style, social media platforms, and posting schedule.

The cheat sheet hangs on your wall and is arranged so that anyone can grasp what’s meant to be posted on any given day with just a second’s glance.

Based on the incredible success of other brands, I’ve developed a Social Media Swipe File that includes 100 engaging fill-in-the-blanks post copy.

Research proves the less you say the more people want to read and share what you say. That’s why my Social Media Swipe File includes a text length calculator so you know exactly how to optimise each post before you schedule it.

These are the social media users with enough clout to attract a long list of followers eager to engage with every post. Get them on your side and you can receive a significant boost in followers, website visitors, clients, and customers.

I show you how you should monitor and report social media activity with a straightforward KPI tracking spreadsheet that can be personalised to your own business objectives.

Download the ready-made table of achievable social signals such as how many users follow your page and share your content – a measurable indication of success.

This book even lists the best practices of social media marketing on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to draw thousands more people to your business you couldn’t reach before.

You’ll read how I optimised the social media activity of a small B2B business based on their limited resources so that they could comfortably manage five branded social media profiles and perform all social media tasks in just 15 minutes a day!

By complementing the information in this book with a real-life case study, I’ll show you step by step exactly how to take advantage of social media with the resources you already have available; however limited or abundant they may be.

Did you know email direct marketing (EDM) not only generates the same number of page views as Google searches, but also converts more visits into clients for B2B companies and yields a higher add-to-cart rate for ecommerce sites?

What’s more, email direct marketing converts four times more visitors than those coming from social media.

Because email is a form of permission marketing –  unlike search and social – your potential clients have already chosen to enter into a relationship with your business by signing up to receive your emails from time to time. And now that you’ve crossed this barrier you are better equipped to sell your services.

But if you’re like most businesses, you allocate the least amount of your marketing budget to email.

Everyone who reads Developing a B2B Email Direct Marketing Campaign, will learn how to master this high-converting, budget-friendly marketing method with downloadable tools including: