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… I have surpassed the $150,000 mark in a little over 14 months – and it’s still selling like hot cakes (and I’m still grinning from ear to ear!) Thanks again for everything Phil,

My name is Phil Gosling and in the next few minutes I’d like to show you how easy it is to create a simple eBook that sells for profit and pleasure – or even take that to a level that will change your life forever, as it did mine.

If you’re sick and tired of JOB (Just Over Broke) or need to make some extra cash then this is something you need to see.

If you have a website or fancy Internet Marketing, then creating a simple eBook is the #1 method of list generation – and the absolute best method of monetization – turning a free subscriber into that most valuable of assets – a customer.

You can even give an eBook away for FREE – and it will still bring you a great income – If you know how.

One way or another, knowing how to create a simple eBook can revolutionise your life – or your business.

Twenty years ago I found myself with no job, no usable qualifications, a serious health condition, two small mouths and a very big mortgage to feed. Although I had toyed with writing since the mid 70’s, nothing within me told me I could ever make anything with it. For a start I couldn’t write particularly well. I’ve a hint of dyslexia, I read reallllly sloooowly and can’t even add up simple numbers in my head. Not really a good basis for coming home early one Wednesday, seeing the surprise on my lady’s face, and saying, "I’ve lost my job. But don’t worry, love, I’ll make a fortune writing!" She burst into tears. Then she said something that changed my life forever. She said, "Phil. You’ve always wanted to do this, and if you don’t – we’ll never know. Go for it." I will say right now, if your better half or significant other isn’t with you, then stay in JOB and try to be happy. (Or change your significant other!?)

In those dark days I said to myself that if I ever found the way out of job-hell (in truth no-job hell) I would mark the route so that others could follow. The fact that I was unable to return to my previous employ (contractual clause) and had no qualifications for anything else probably did me a huge favour – it released me to look outside J.O.B., to look outside of "conventional" wisdom, the path all kids are taught when they are at school – do your exams and you’ll get a good job. Yeah, right.

And when I did look beyond the normal, I not only stumbled across a whole new world of opportunity but – and this is vital – my mind was free to accept it as probably my only solution. I had no comfort zone. I had no choice but to do my own thing!

A big thank you … the info given has been tremendous, I do not feel I need to go anywhere else for further info … I feel I have struck gold …Thanks once again for everything, we have not had the chance to discuss things , I am the shy retiring type, but with the help of our Mastermind group and your continued support, it makes you a “Grand Lad” (Ultimate praise where I come from).

What I hadn’t realised was that, with home computers and the Internet just figments of a deranged imagination, I (and you) was standing on the very edge of the greatest non-industrial revolution since the industrial revolution. And this revolution isn’t the Internet. It was a fundamental change in western life – going from an industrial economy to an Information economy. Almost overnight, we stopped selling ingots of steel and started to sell golden ingots of – information.

And that wasn’t the only change. Because in those days big business made big money, little businesses made little money and for Joe Average life consisted in either working for Big, battling with Little, earning a pittance and with very little hope of competing with the big boys. But this has all changed.

Today YOU, me and anyone who can get out of their mindset and just do it, has an incredible opportunity at their fingertips.

Today, Information Publishing is a massive business but I’m not talking about corporations. For the first time in history, the average person – you and me – have at our fingertips the ability to create anything from a nice part-time income that pays for the good things we enjoy – to a full time "laptop" business that can propel you into the highest earning bracket – the top 10%.

. . . spent the entire weekend rewriting and re-jigging my entire website copy based on the exact steps you laid out. As of today (Tuesday 21st June, a little over TWO weeks . . .) I have sold 97 ebooks at $39.97 a piece. That’s $3877.09 worth of ebooks – !

This probably will mean little to you but when I first started, products had to be printed. I spent hours at the kitchen table creating 30 page booklets with a "make your own report" kit, or had to get them professionally printed. My first ever quote for 100 printed books was £10,000! (That’s because it was "offset litho" and all the setup costs were up front. If I’d ordered 10,000 books they would have been £1 each.) Today, a pdf or a Kindle equivalent costs nothing – zilch – zero! Forget about postage, or jiffy bags, or dragging huge bags of packaged books to the post office in the rain!

If you think about it, an eBook is just a way of wrapping information. All eBooks are information products – just presented in a certain way. A video can also be an information product, or an MP3 audio. Indeed this webpage is arguably all three – words…