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Author of "Transcription Work From Home! How To Make A Full-Time Income From Home As A Transcriptionist"

Working from home is a desire many people have. Imagine commuting to your office in less than one minute. You can stay in your pyjamas for the morning too. No more rushing around in the morning trying to find the right pair of shoes to wear with your outfit. In fact, shoes will now become optional!

Then there’s the lifestyle that working from home gives you. The freedom to schedule your work around your life, not the other way round.

How many times have you had to miss out on activities for your children because you couldn’t get the time off? How many times have you gone to work sick because you didn’t have any more sick leave you could use or because you didn’t want to upset the boss?

Have you ever felt that there must be more to life than the daily grind? Sure, you’re working to make money, but when do you ever get to enjoy it?

If you’ve had to work holidays or weekends before now, this is your chance to work when you want to, not when you have to.

In 2001, I was a bored, frustrated, disillusioned 9-to-5 secretary wondering how I could get off the work-a-day treadmill. There didn’t seem to be any time to enjoy life. I spent 2 hours of my day commuting to work and 8 hours in the office every day.

When I got home in the evening I was too tired to do anything but lie on the couch and watch mindless TV.

When my precious weekends came along, I spent Saturday catching up on household chores and food shopping.

Sunday should have been a day…

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