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t’s true that most people who start off online have a general overview of WHAT to do to make money, but have no idea HOW to do it.

If I said to you that you need to be tracking your site traffic and split testing your sales pages you’ll know this is common knowledge, except few will know HOW to actually do it.

If I said to you that you need to be building your list, you’ll probably think… ‘Oh no, not another talk about why list building is important’… But I still get subscribers of mine who ask me how to place their opt-in form code into their website…

If I said to you that you need to research your niche, I’m sure you’d sigh with boredom knowing full well that that again is common knowledge… except when it comes down to it, you’re still thinking what’s the best way to do it and are you doing it correctly?… Because if you are, you wouldn’t be on this page otherwise.

Look, I’m not here to insult you. I’m sure you’ve already read LOTS of material on how to make money online and some of the things I’ve mentioned above are already second nature to you, but really let’s take a reality check… are you still struggling to perform those simple tasks that everyone keeps going on about?…

Things aren’t as simple as reading an generic eBook or report on how to make money online anymore. Maybe it worked when there was only one or two techniques to learn, but now I’m sure you’re aware that there are so many skill sets needed to make money online.

There are many scenarios I can go through here but I think you’re starting to get the picture and possible be able to relate to one or two of them.

Point in fact. If you DON’T know what you’re doing – even if you’ve been told WHAT to do by some brief and vague instructions… you can make some costly mistakes… mistakes which are hard to repair and can sometimes seriously affect your reputation – even if you haven’t got one yet!

Do you just try it and hope for the best?… Perhaps you fail first time round and call it quits?… Maybe even try a few times but still not get anywhere because you’re tripping over every little obstacle that comes your way?

Firstly, you need to take a step back and take a look at what you’re trying to achieve. Do not try to do everything at once and do not get distracted from one technique to another. Affiliate marketing, product creation, email marketing, CPA marketing, article marketing, selling on eBay… you name it, they ALL work. You need to decide on just one of them and then more on to the next step.

Secondly, you need to focus on it until you get a result. If you’re doing article marketing and starting to get traffic to your website because of your article, then make a note of it. Even if it’s not a sale, it’s part of the process of making a sale which needs developing.

Thirdly, develop the result. If you’re already getting traffic to your site, make a note of how many visitors you need before you generate a sale – either affiliate sale or your own product sale. Make a note of it as a percentage. Even if you’re not making any sales, look at the product you’re selling or your own sales copy to see if can be improved. If you’re an affiliate, try promoting another similar product.

Fourthly, develop the system. Once you know how many visitors it takes before you make a sale and where your buying traffic is coming from you should develop the system. Can you increase the conversions?… Can you add a squeeze page in the sequence so you’re building a list at the same time?… Can you invest in paid traffic knowing how much each visitor is worth?… Can you outsource your traffic so you can build another system?… Once you have a system down in place stick to it and go deep with it. There will be other products that can be promoted to that same customer. Try selling a complimentary product a week after the initial sale, try adding special offers after the main sale, try adding down-sells. You’ve already got a system in place and it’s your job to take it as far as possible and scale it up.

Fifthly, rinse and repeat. If you’ve done the previous steps properly, you’ll have an income stream. You can use the profits made to help invest in your new system and repeat the steps again to build more income streams. Successful marketers are dedicated and disciplined and only focus one task at a time in order of highest priority.

Okay so now that we’ve got a plan of action in place, it’s time for you to see exactly what I have in store.

What I’m offering you today are 80 straight-to-the-point video tutorials split up into 9 modules that will allow you to watch over my shoulder so you can see exactly what I do.

There is no waffle talk about why you need to do this, or why you need to do that because you already know. There is no lecture talk of me sharing opinions and talking about my social life 😉

Each video only lasts a few minutes and you’ll be able to literally copy what I do. For example, need to know how to set up an eBay account quickly without guessing what other accounts and information you’ll be needing?… Not a problem. Need to know post a classified ad to promote your website with as little fuss as possible?… Consider it done. Need to know how to connect your new domain name to your web host so you can start promoting your site without watching some fuzzy, muffled voice YouTube video?… Done.


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