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Look…I’ll be honest with you, right at this point it doesn’t matter what your optin rate IS…

"THE MOST BRILLIANT IDEA SINCE PUTTING AUDIO AND VIDEO ON WEBSITES" HI Glen I’ve got to say first, I hope you don’t sell too many copies of this software. This is the most brilliant idea I heard about since putting audio and video on websites. This opens up a whole new world of how I’m going to be building my lists. Trevor Hendy

"I CAN’T THINK OF ANY SOFTWARE THAT DOES MORE TO HELP ME GROW MY LIST"…… Viral PDF Master is a fantastic piece of software that I’m using to turn every one of my free reports into automated list building agents. It has dramatically increased my opt-in rates. I like that whatever message I choose to embed into my pdf reports, stays there. This means that every single person who downloads any of my reports is a possible new list member. Even those readers who’ve NEVER been to my squeeze page. Other than my autoresponder, I can’t think of any software that does more to help me grow my list. Thanks Glen. Liz T. Winston

"REMOVED SQUEEZE PAGES AND USES VIRAL PDF MASTER INSTEAD"…. Glen I was happy to be one of the beta testers for Viral PDF Master. I mean this is an incredible tool. And now that you’ve added a WYSIWYG editor into the software, there’s nothing I can’t do with it when designing the popup windows for my PDF e-books. On a few of my web site pages I’ve even completely removed the opt-in forms I had where people signed up to my email course. For me this is definitely the way of the future for building my lists. Robert McAlister CA

or is given your ebook, might not be the best prospect in the world, but you just never really know)

"BEST SOFTWARE SINCE I FOUND AWEBER"…. Hey Glen. I never give out testimonials or recommendations as a rule, but after I tried your Viral PDF software I had to write back and tell you that I think this is the best software I’ve used since I found Aweber. I was just blown away with what you can with it. To me it’s worth a lot more than I paid easily. Keep me updated and thanks for letting me involved right from the start. Gary Longworth

"NON-TECHIE INSTALLS FIRST OPTIN IN UNDER 10 MINUTES" You know I have trouble with technology, because you had to even talk me through an unzipping problem I had with the software, but I got my first optin popup designed using the software and into a PDF in less than ten minutes, without any help. Please let me know if you add any new features you want me to test. Lindsay Franks

"THIS SOFTWARE DOES STUFF I NEVER THOUGHT COULD BE DONE WITH A PDF"…. I thought your software would end up doing half of what you claimed it would do. But this software does stuff I never thought could be done with a PDF e-book. And it’s not complicated to use. I’ve got so many ideas on how I can use this now, but I’m a bit overwhelmed about what I should do first. This software really is a great idea, and I can’t figure why it was never done before now. Thanks Glen Ben Williamson

As You Can See ‘Viral PDF Master’ is a Cutting-Edge Solution That WILL Revolutionize Your List-Building Efforts Forever….

"A BRILLIANT ORIGINAL IDEA"…. Glen, this whole concept of viral marketing and list building using PDF’s is just a brilliant original idea. There not much that’s truly original in the internet marketing world. Most of it is a knock off of one kind or another. But you’ve come up with something that is right out of the box thinking. Congratulations. This software is highly recommended by me. Kate A Thomas

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How My Team and I Took The Phenomenal Idea of the “Free Report” and Created What I Call The…. ….’Reverse Squeeze Page’

Here Are a Few Examples of Popup Designs I Created To Show You The Enormous Flexibility You Have With This Software To Create Any Fully Customized Design You Can Think Of….

This question came from Lesley: "Do I have to own the original PDF file that I want to create my viral PDF with"? Absolutely not. You can use any PDF you have. It might be PDF’s from PLR packages you have downloaded and saved a long while ago.

“Right now, I don’t use any PDF ebooks, reports, or articles in my business. How should I start?

So Mr Tomlinson, if you aren’t using something like giving away a free report in exchange for a name and email address, how are you

You can buy plenty of PLR products on the internet on just about every subject you can name. You can get these PLR products as e-books,

– Get hold of as many PLR products as you can in your niche. They can be ebooks, article or report. In fact anything.

– Take those PLR report and rewrite them in your own words (this is not essential but it’s a good ideas for the sake of credibility)

– Take each of those PLR products and turn them into PDF documents (there are plenty of Free PDF creators online).

– Take the Viral PDF Master software and create your optin form and message windows, and embed them into all your PDF’s…