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Have you ever wondered how the gurus make so much money online? Well, it’s no real secret. The money, my friend – is in the list.

You’ve probably heard this term before, but perhaps you really didn’t understand what it meant, or what it is all about.

The truth is, making money becomes incredibly easy (virtually child’s play) when you have a mailing list that you can contact at any time.

So, the next time that you hear the term "the money is in the list" , remember that all it really means is that if you want to build true financial wealth online, and you want to take the confusion out of the entire process, while minimizing your workload and maximizing your overall profits – you absolutely, hands down – need a responsive, active and ever-growing email list!

If you’ve been struggling to make money, chances are it’s because you are not only doing it all wrong but you’re actually making it 100% harder than it has to be!

Well, believe it or not, it really is. The basic bare bones truth about making money online is that you can take the long route – or you can simplify everything while making more money.

Think about the basic reasons behind it. With a mailing list, you have an instant audience on command. You can literally reach out to hundreds, perhaps even thousands within seconds.

You can send out promotional campaigns that can generate marketing methods, or you can build valuable relationships with both potential customers, and potential partners.

Plus, you can leverage the value of your list by networking with other email marketers, set up joint venture email campaigns, sell advertising space within your newsletters or simply make money promoting your products, and affiliate based campaigns.

The possibilities are virtually endless! Once you have an email list, you’re able to expand your outreach instantly, and maximize your income to your ability!

But I know what you’re thinking. It’s one thing to build a list, and a whole other thing to monetize it. Show me how!

Building an email list is incredibly simple. In fact, you can start generating leads even without absolutely zero budget in place.

You could build subscribers through social media, community forums, relevant blogs and websites in your niche, or if you have a small start-up fund, you could join co-registration websites, ad swaps and even purchase advertising on popular community sites.

Well, what if I should show you multiple cash-generating strategies that will instantly skyrocket your income, while building your list all at the same time?

When it comes to the kind of money that you can make with an email list, it all relies on one key component.

Think of it like the "special ingredient" in your favorite recipe. Without this powerful component, it all falls short and you end up with a bland and unimpressive dish that no one wants.

With email marketing, it’s exactly the same thing. Sure, you can start making a decent income just by funneling out offers to your subscribers, but sooner or later your list is going to get fed up with being "sold to", and they’ll be gone forever.

So what is the special, irresistible "ingredient" needed to build a profitable mailing list?

ANY offer that focuses on one key component – providing exceptional, clear and direct benefit to THEM.

One of the greatest mistakes that new email marketers make is in thinking only about what their list can do for them.

In turn, they end up losing an incredible amount of money because they’re too busy focusing on the money, rather than on what really matters – the PEOPLE.

But here’s the thing – when you turn your attention towards what your audience really wants, and you give them options that illustrate clear, and undeniable benefits and solutions, you’ll always make more money than with any other offer you ever introduce.

Every which way you look at it, there are countless benefits to building and monetizing an email list. In fact, there simply isn’t ONE good reason why you shouldn’t do it.

Not only will you be able to make more money than you ever dreamed of, but you will be able to position yourself as a force to be reckoned with within any market you choose.

You will finally know exactly how to dominate every niche market you venture into, while having instant access to a hungry audience of buyers that will purchase from you time and time again!

Have your own inventory of products? Simply email your subscribers with our "copy & paste" strategies and maximize your response rates, instantly!

Have a brand new website? Launch it instantly and send a swarm of hungry buyers to your website right now!

With these high powered email marketing strategies, you’ll never again struggle to make money online. In fact, you’ll be able to make a full time income from a SINGLE email list and never have to even create a product of your own again!

Rather than spending a lot of time or money testing markets and developing their own products, they skipped all of that, and focused on making an absolute awesome email campaign promoting other people’s products to an ever-growing audience of subscribers.

If you don’t have a lot of money to burn on product research and development, and you don’t have a big name or unlimited funds, the easiest way to get in on the action is to build a responsive list of buyers that you can connect with day or night – any time you choose!

By doing this, you can race past the competition and you’re able to cover more ground in far less time than with any other marketing campaign.

You could literally generate instant cash just by sending out a solo email that’s targeted towards what your subscribers are most passionate about.

If you’re ready to transform your online business and start making money immediately, Kool Marketing Success will give you all of the…