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This changes the game forever… Patent pending software rigorously tested and proven to siphon free online traffic, leads, commissions, and sales like this:

Our breakthrough software works in any online niche. On virtual cruise control after a mere few minutes of set up. Without spending hours scrounging up free traffic. Without spending a fortune on paid traffic. And even without shelling out affiliate commissions – meaning you keep 100% of all sales generated. Our new technology is so groundbreaking, in fact, that we couldn’t release it to the public prior to filing for intellectual property rights…

…some might even call it a magic button. If you can copy and paste, you have all the technical prowess needed (meaning none) to begin building a cash-on-demand email list… …and an unlimited scalable income… …with our brilliant new technology. There’s no guessing whether this works. No wondering. No questioning. It flat out does what we built and coded it to do, like a robot taking orders. And in just a moment I’m going to prove it to you beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Listen, if you’re one of the countless thousands of people with a burning desire to initiate a substantial online cashflow… But you keep running into dead ends and brick walls… I understand your frustration better than most. Life can beat us up and keep kicking us when we’re down. I used to work in a factory making $12 an hour. I’ve been laid off. I’m twice divorced and have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result. I’ve suffered through horrible anxiety and health issues. And more. I can’t even imagine where I’d be without money. And lots of it…

Don’t get me wrong. There’s only one God, and it’s not money. I don’t worship money… But nobody can deny that it’s a valuable tool. It’s amazing how many problems money solves… Debt. Health issues. Helping others in need of food, shelter, clothing, and medical aid. The list goes on. I’ve been blessed to make millions of dollars online. It’s obviously helped solve the problems I’ve faced. But what actually gives me the most satisfaction is being able to help other people solve their problems. "It’s better to give than to receive." That old proverb is so true.

I’ve helped others make 5, 6 and even 7 figure incomes online with software and various systems that my team and I have developed from scratch. But never have I been more excited about bringing a new product to the online marketplace and to you personally than I am right now. What I’ve got waiting for you is a bonafide invention like nothing else you’ve seen… An ingenious idea brought to life and guaranteed to help solve your problems and build financial freedom in a unique way that nothing else can. This is going to change lives. It’s that truly powerful.

Recently recorded video of the Zippo Pay button – in this case used to siphon in exactly 148 free subscribers and $330 after literally nothing more than just a few minutes of set up.

The 148 leads that I received in the previous video clip are all people who chose to "order" my featured product through Zippo Pay.

ZP gives visitors the option to "pay" for products simply by referring others through the Zippo Pay system. We call this "pay by lead." In exchange for referring x number of other Zippo Pay customers to my product (I had it set to 3 leads in our video footage)… …the referring customers get automated access to the product.

…and commission-free affiliates, at that. In order to access my product, they’ll be sending me free traffic. And free email subscribers. But they’ll also be sending me autopilot sales from the 50% or more who pay me with Paypal because they prefer instant product access. And all of this is triggered with a single button – the Zippo Pay button – on complete autopilot. All without me having to pay a dime in affiliate commissions… …meaning I keep 100% of my profits. But it gets even better…

The cycle I just described has the potential to turn any offer into a viral income machine. Just think about it… Every new Zippo Pay customer that I get means more potential traffic, leads and sales on true autopilot as that person refers others to get my product for free. In other words, one active Zippo Pay lead turns into another, which turns into another, and another… …and there’s no limit to how massive this Zippo Pay referral traffic can grow. The more compelling your offer, the better your chance of going viral to where you could literally be sitting back growing leads and income without lifting a finger. All without spending one red cent on Zippo Pay driven traffic. And, all without paying a single affiliate commission. That’s right. You can literally have an army of "affiliates" promoting your offer without paying them a dime… …because they’re promoting you to get access to your product, not to make a commission. That’s how you pocket 100% of the profits on every single sale. Like I said, Zippo Pay changes the game completely.

Bryan you’ve done it this time! Zippo Pay is a newbies dream. So many income streams. My online account will be filling with easy money. 10 out of 10 my friend.

I’ve followed Bryan’s work and products and he always brings something unique to the table that can REALLY help newbies succeed online… Having used Zippo Pay for about a week now I’m really impressed with it as a means of building leads and email lists as well as unlimited potential income.

What if you…