135 Ways to Earn Money Online

Too many “work from home” opportunities turn out to be scams. So what if someone went through all the trouble of verifying the legitimate ones and listed them for you? We did!

Ask yourself:

-Do you find yourself not spending enough time with your family?
-Do you have a long-distance, gas-guzzling commute to your job?
-Are you tired of signing up for online jobs that turn out to be scams?
-Are you spending money on work uniforms or other things to meet appearance standards?

Not having to wake up early, clean up, dress a certain way and be at a certain place on time for work is quite appealing. There are real companies that will employ you with that kind of freedom, but because of that, there are also scammers out there that try to trick you for a quick buck.

To help you avoid these scams, we’ve written this book. It will save you tremendous time and money so you don’t have to worry about whether the company you’re signing up for is legitimate or just another scam. Many of the companies listed in here are reputable and have been around for years, like AAA, Comcast and U-Haul. If you are skeptical that working from home is even possible, don’t worry. After 20 pages in, you’ll have found plenty of great opportunities for you to capitalize on, and you’ll even discover ways to find new opportunities beyond the pages of this book.

We will feed you with lots of information on things like:

-Both the pros and cons of online jobs, which ones are the opportunities of a lifetime, and which are total scams.
-A huge list of potential employers for you, many that are hiring right now!
-A wide variety of jobs for different people, such as running a call center, tutoring, mystery shopping, virtual assistants and more.
-135+ company listings with links and information.
-Inside tips on qualifications and what you need to know to get hired.
-Listings of the average pay and benefits for each job.

All the information you need to make a very informed search and choice of job is packed in here. Instead of just making a big, long link list and leaving everything else on your shoulders, we’ve done additional research on each of the companies and have provided additional information.