Blow Etsy Up! (Proven step by step process on how to Earn and Make money on Etsy for Beginners or Veterans for Etsy Success!): The Step by Step Process … have Etsy Success Selling online! Book 1)

Have you ever dreamed about or have goals to work from your own home? Do you wish there was a simple step by step process that would show you how to do it, every step of the way?

This 75 page Ebook was written to guide you to that Dream! I wrote this book as an actual successful Etsy shop owner to help YOU succeed at starting and expanding a shop on Etsy and how you too can become a work at home Mom (or Dad) on Etsy!

This Etsy Book for Beginners or Veterans will show you how to grow your Etsy shop and increase your sales on Etsy, This is the Ebook you have been looking for!! And we can have fun along the way in this Awesome Etsy selling book!

This book is a complete step by step process to take allot of the guesswork and confusion out of building and expanding your Etsy shop. If you follow these steps, this book will teach you how to be grow and expand your Etsy shop, one step at a time.

I am not going to lie to you. Building and growing an Etsy shop is hard work. There is no magic pill here ladies and gentleman. I am honest in this book. I will tell you up front that if you are not willing to put in all your effort then you will reap what you sow.

Its not all about hard work however, it's also about working smart to move in the right direction! And to work smart, you need to have the right information to act on. This Ebook is that information…Whether you are Just starting out, having trouble getting sales, not building any momentum or not sure what steps to take next to expand your shop, This is the Ebook that will Guide you through all of this!

We started our shop in 2012 and in the first 6 months we had all these struggles and more. It seemed like we just could not get any traction. I studied and tried out tons of techniques and strategies and over time I had produced a 10 step process that catapulted our shop forward. The steps that are within this E-book are the proven results from allot of sweat, planning, praying and hard work!

One valuable piece of information is what I call the click and check method. If you want to know ahead of time if some of your future products will sell, then you will love the click and check method explained in this book.

Why waste time and effort listing items that may not even sell! The click and check method will give YOU the edge over any of your competition that do not know how to do this!

The 10 actionable steps in this Ebook include: Why sell on Etsy?

Step 1.
How to know for sure if your product will sell, and what items will produce the most sales for you!

Step 2:
How to turn one item into 5 awesome listings! and get the most exposure from every item you have!

Step 3:

How to get your pictures to speak a thousand words! Seeing is believing!

Step 4:
How to list your items to demand attention with Captive titles and exciting descriptions! Emotion = sales!

Step 5:
How to get the edge! It’s all about repeating the winning process and gaining momentum.

Step 6:
How to use Social Media and the dangers that come with it.

Step 7:
S.E.O– Search Engine Optimization. How to know which keywords work best and how to find them! Be seen with keywords, titles and tags!

Step 8:
Shipping made easy! How to ship the best way and tips to help make it easier!

Step 9:
Messages equal sales, how to capitalize on messages by being a teacher and not a salesman!

Step 10:
How to not get caught up in details! Easy way of Handling Feedback and evaluating your shop!

My intention for this book was not to earn a writing trophy. My purpose is to serve people like you the tools and information that I would have wanted when we were trying to grow and had the hardest times in our Etsy business. I do wish that we could have had these steps to follow in this book instead of trudging through it the hard way.

If you have an open mind, a serving heart and a will to succeed, I know this book will be valuable to you!