Chiropractic Giant Spine Parade Costume – 1 segment

Tired of the usual new patient marketing schemes? Want to be noticed and recognized as "Thee" chiropractor in your community? Looking for a way to "turn some heads" at spinal screenings and health fairs? Consider the Giant Spine Parade and Event Costume! Constructed of lightweight and waterproof foam, each vertebra easily disassembles and flattens in seconds for easy storage and transportation. Every community has one or more parades and the Giant Spine Costume is always a crowd pleaser; many offices that use it report making the local TV news and/or newspaper for added PR; not to mention getting loads of new patients! Whether you chose to use 1-3 vertebrae at your Patient Appreciation event or spinal screening health fair booth, 4-8 out front at your Open House event, or a full spine in your town's parade, the Giant Spine Parade and Event Costume really makes a memorable impression and puts you and your office on track for an abundance of new patients! Included is a document called "Tips to get the most from your Giant Spine Costume" Get your staff involved and it becomes a fun and productive team builder with memories that will last. Get your patients involved and you reap the benefits of sustainability. Ka-ching! "We purchased the Giant Parade Spine for our office's attendance at a community parade. The parade crowd loved the costumes! We look forward to using this promotional idea for years and years to come at parades and other community events." Elizabeth Brink, Practice Representative – "This is the best investment I've made in my practice. A++++ Dr Steven Scheuing, South Milwaukee, WI,