Email Marketing: How To Build A List The Ethical Way

This complete step-by-step guide will give you the core knowledge and confidence to build your very own email list.

There's no greater feeling than getting your first subscriber and making your first dollar, but the problem is that many first-time online marketers fail to make any sizeable income because they haven't done the proper training.

I wrote this book specifically for beginners, detailing all the crucial information you need in order to get you fully trained and across that finish line.

In this book you will discover:

A full and complete plan that will take you from being a novice through to running your first campaign

What it takes to make your marketing plan go to the next level

Why it is no longer a number game

The important set up steps for your list
Setting up A Landing Page
…and much more!

In a few short seconds you could be on your way to making your first email list, scroll to the top and click 'Buy Now' to start your training!

Good Luck!

James Kawaski