Email Marketing: How To Build A List With Facebook Ads

Email Marketing-How To Build A List With Facebook Ads

You’re about to discover how to build your email list with Facebook ads the right way!

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Step-By-Step Guide To Using Facebook Ads To Grow Your Mailing List Create/Choose Your Lead Magnet
How To Create An Awesome Opt-In/Lead Magnet Offer
Create A High Quality Post/Landing Page And Share It On Facebook
Tips For Creating A Highly Effective Landing Page
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Is A List That Important? 3 Rock Solid Reasons Why You Should Consider Growing Your Email List.

Most marketers are always quick to chip in when the topic of an email list comes up. In fact, most will gladly shout you out of a room if you dare proclaim the death of email marketing.

Here is the truth: email marketing is not dead. If your business (online or otherwise) does not have a ready email list, you are losing a ton of business. If you are not convinced, here are 3 rock solid reasons why creating and growing your list is something that should be of high priority on your To-do list.

Reason #1: It is very cost effective
Compared to other marketing models, and short of word-of-mouth, email marketing is simply one of the cheapest ways to market your business. In fact, if you do it properly (which we shall look at later), the cost of acquiring email leads and sending out email blasts to this list can cost you pennies in some cases. If you compare this to direct marketing and other forms of marketing, you too will come to this conclusion: the money is indeed in the list.

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