How to Use Aweber to Begin Email Marketing: A Quick-Start Guide: Basics for Beginners (Business Basics for Beginners Book 42)

Aweber is one of the most popular email marketing platforms for complete beginners and professional marketers alike. The reasons are clear: it is a robust program that is also easy to use. In addition, Aweber is always trying to go one better, adding new features, templates and tools to help users get the most out of the program.

The only issue with Aweber is that it’s such a full-featured program that it’s easy for newcomers to email marketing to become dazzled by all the amazing things under the hood.

This quick-star guide solves both of these issues.
1-Learn how to set up your first email marketing list from scratch.
2-See exactly the menus you need to set up the list with the help of the fully illustrated instructions.

Look over the shoulder of 2 email marketing pros as they set up a list from scratch in a matter of minutes. All you need to get started is a topic for your list, and some hot content that the people interested in your website, blog, or business will be eager to get their hands on.

But these technical aspects are just the first part of becoming a successful email marketer. The second problem with learning any new skill such as email marketing is knowing what to do in the right order, and learning email marketing best practices so you can keep your subscribers happy and earn more money.

In Part II of this guide, you will learn how to create compelling offers visitors to your site will be eager to register for, and what to do once they have them on your list. You will learn:

+What is an autoresponder
+What is a follow up email
+What is a broadcast email
+The main differences between a follow up and a broadcast email
+How to set a schedule for your follow ups
+How to create a marketing plan with follow ups and broadcast emails
+How to customize your setting to automate your email marketing as much as possible
+How your email list can keep earning for you 24/7/365

and more.

If you’ve heard the phrase, “The money’s in the list,” the list they are referring to is an email marketing list. If you haven’t already started an email marketing list, use this quick start guide and see what a difference email marketing with Aweber can make to your business.
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What’s in This Guide


1-What is AWeber?

2-The Benefits of AWeber


STEP 1: Register for the Site

STEP 2:Create Your First List-Tell Us About Yourself

STEP 3: Let's Create Your List

STEP 4: Creating Your Confirmation Email

STEP 5: Personalizing Your List

STEP 6: Review your Basic Settings

STEP 7: Review Your Confirmed Opt-In

STEP 8: Creating Your Web Form

STEP 9: Basic Settings for your Web Form

STEP 10: Publishing Your Web Form


STEP 11: Creating the First Follow Up Message

STEP 12: Creating More Follow-up Messages

STEP 13: Creating a Broadcast Message

STEP 14: Choosing Your Broadcast Settings



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