List Building: The Ultimate 30 Day Formula To Double Your Email List: Email Marketing Training To Take Your List Building Efforts Off The Charts

30 Day Step-By-Step Formula For Growing Your Online Business: With Email Marketing

In this email marketing manual, you’ll take small daily actions that add up to big email list growth over 30 days.

Each chapter covers a list building topic that will help you bring in more of your ideal clients and customers, so you can grow your online business.

Here’s what you can expect from following the advice contained in this book:

-Doubling or even tripling your email subscriber list, and in turn increasing your bottom line

-Getting more of the right people on your marketing list, so you’re sending targeted messages that convert to sales
-Putting simple list building activities on autopilot, so you’ll never run out of fresh prospects to market to
-Writing a series of email autoresponders that help you turn these new subscribers into fans and customers from the get go

This book is based on the free 30 Day List Building Challenge, that’s responsible for more people adding hundreds and thousands of new email subscribers to their lists.

Don’t let another month go by where you’re not reaching more of your ideal clients and customers online.

List building is one of the keys to growing your online business, so why not follow a proven formula that's practically guaranteed to help you grow your list more in the next 30 days than you have in the past 3 months.