Set of 100 Fluorescent SALE Signs for Vendor Booths or Retail [5X7in]

Our company conducted a study using fluorescent signs in a vendor booth and without them, to evaluate if fluorescent signs draw more traffic and/or result in higher sales. Over and over, the fluorescent signs proved successful. They are attention getting and draw potential customers eyes to your products! Especially if you are setup next to another vendor who has attention getting products or displays. This listing is for 100 bright fluorescent attention getting signs with bolded word SALE along the top. Remaining portion leaves blank space for writing in specific info you want your customers to be informed about. Sample suggestions that prove successful: Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Clearance, Handmade Here at time of Purchase, etc. The 100 signs include 25 signs in 4 different fluorescent colors: pink, orange, yellow and green. These signs measures 5in height by 7in width Choose to tape these signs up or add your choice of sign holders here in our Etsy store for those who need signs displayed longer term in a storefront retail or to re-use at future vendor booth festivals. **If you buy more than one of this item or add a sign holder, we can discount the shipping for those placing a bulk order. *Cannot ship to PO Box